pbc porter draft beer

PBC Porter (8.2%)

Am inspired beer with plenty of innovative flavors. This is our “peanut butter cup” porter, with robust notes of dark chocolate and peanut butter.  A tasty treat for your palette.

tripel draft beer

Tripel (8.4%)

A Belgian tripel with good flavor and aroma.   You can taste the complex flavors of coriander and clove layered with a sweet finish of orange peel.

lager beer

Vienna Lager (4.3%)

Our brew is a light Austrian lager with rich notes of Vienna malt.  Subtle hops, crisp with residual sweetness.

hefe beer

Hefe (5.3%)

A great traditional German Heffeweisen – traditional German style wheat beer –  with notes of clove, banana and wheat.

stout beer

Sergeyevna Stout (5.4%)

The “dark” side of beer.  The deep red color comes from beets, which add a rich, earthy character that complements the dark chocolate flavor and aroma.  The foamy head adds a creamy smoothness.

hopapotamus beer

Hopapotamus (7.2%)

This is a “Juice bomb” brew which is a hazy, golden, unfiltered IPA.   This beer really highlights  the citrusy, juicy notes of Grapefruit and Orange.

Blood (5.4%)

This is our take on a traditional American Brown Ale with a smooth but hoppy taste and a traditional dark amber color.


Blonde (5.4%)

A blonde ale which has a light crisp and “happy” taste that brings the right combination of the aroma from hop and sweetness from malt.